About me: an open book

I will bring you inside the chaos in my mind, so I think you should have some background random information about me. I'd also appreciate if you could comment with something about yourself or eventually questions you might have 🙂 Let's get it started! 🇮🇹 I'm an (a)typical Italian, or better Sicilian. Even though I speak … Continue reading About me: an open book


1 year of Classic Flavia: time to sum up!

I don't know how to start this post...and I don't know it because I never thought I would have got till here, that I would have been persistent for once in my life, that in one year, a blog could let me discover so much about myself, that reading my own life, my own thoughts, … Continue reading 1 year of Classic Flavia: time to sum up!

Top 5 #ClassicFlavia July & August

Hi guys, I've seriously missed you, and I'm glad I've finally found some time for you, and above all for me! You might have noticed I've skipped my #ClassicFlavias of June, but July and August were such months...I couldn't wait to tell you how I really messed up! Relocation + new old life + new … Continue reading Top 5 #ClassicFlavia July & August

The end of the ride: goodbye Copenhagen!

Hi guys! Today it's July 31st (or at least it was when I started writing this post) and I am writing you from a different place, a place that I know very well, my-place-in-the-world/. Yes, it's Munich! Almost one year ago I was here waiting to leave to Copenhagen (already with the hope of coming … Continue reading The end of the ride: goodbye Copenhagen!

Love in the time of Google Maps

Two days ago I was biking to university from my boyfriend's place (Yes, apparently Roberto became my boyfriend, surprise surprise! :D). As it was a route I had only done once, I inserted the destination on Maps who was patiently indicating me the way. The word choice "patiently" is not casual, as every time I … Continue reading Love in the time of Google Maps

My life is a BDSM porn

We all have fantasies, fetishisms, dreams. Actually, I think I have always had way too many. I always push situations, expectations and limits too far, and this has brought me where I am in my life, with almost no regrets. So, in the end, if my life was a porn, it would be BDSM (for … Continue reading My life is a BDSM porn

#ClassicFlavia: Best of April and May

Hello lovely humans, thank you for still being here although I could not write much in the past weeks, exam session and life in general was pretty hard core (I have so many things to tell you!!!). April and May were busy months, which means a shitload of #ClassicFlavias! Are you ready for it? Like … Continue reading #ClassicFlavia: Best of April and May

Fear: overthinking about overthinking

"You think too much", how many times in my life have people told this to me? Definitely, way too many. Some years ago this sentence used to drive me crazy: how so can you not over think? How much is too much? How can you actually go to bed and fall asleep immediately? Now I … Continue reading Fear: overthinking about overthinking

Let the guard down: bad girl gone good

Had you really believed I could be a bad girl for such a long time? Probably not, neither I did. The Screwing around period is over and, to be honest, I hadn't seen that coming. Last guy I had talked you about was Roberto, this "good guy" I used to call "Bambi", because you could have … Continue reading Let the guard down: bad girl gone good

Top 5 #ClassicFlavia of March: my life is not an April fool

I thought to make your Monday funnier (well...actually there is no such a thing as a funny Monday, but well, I'll try!), so I've summed up the worst and therefore the funniest #ClassicFlavia of March. Even if it might look so, my life is not an April fool...so there we go, after this post, you'll … Continue reading Top 5 #ClassicFlavia of March: my life is not an April fool