Hi guys, I’ve seriously missed you, and I’m glad I’ve finally found some time for you, and above all for me!

You might have noticed I’ve skipped my #ClassicFlavias of June, but July and August were such months…I couldn’t wait to tell you how I really messed up!

Relocation + new old life + new job = a shitload of ClassicFlavias! Let’s not lose time, here we go…

5. There is a very important document in Denmark called NemID, which is basically a number that gives you access to all official documents, payments and communication. Together with this number, you get a series of codes to confirm your identity every time you use it. Since I couldn’t find these codes, I tried to request new ones. To do that I needed the password. A password which I had changed so that “I remembered” and which I, of course, forgot. After trying five times, my NemID got revoked and I had to order a new one (which means going to the citizen office and wait 5 days). Needless to say, I found the codes the day after I got my NemID revoked.

4. I was at a friend’s birthday party in a hostel bar (a very big one) and I was saying goodbye to the birthday girl (everyone was sitting in circle around her). I took my bag, which hit another bag, which hit a glass full of beer, that felt, that broke and spilled the beer on the floor and all over the guests. Of course everyone in the place saw it because of the noise of the glass breaking. To give you an idea of how high beer can “fly”, I had it all over my glasses and hair! I guess saying goodbye without anyone noticing was too mainstream!

3. Wanting to be a lovely person and girlfriend, I decided to iron Roberto’s jacket (which I discovered being a very expensive one) since he had left it at my place. Of course, the jacket could not be ironed and got a hole on it (not to mention that the tissue got stuck on the iron I had to sell the day after!).

2. I was late for the only direct bus that could bring me to work on time (since both the metro and the other bus were out of order due to maintenance works). I left home and tried to hurry up, but I saw the bus leaving the stop already, so I didn’t even try to run after it.

I think I must have had the face of someone desperate, because what happened to me is rare or has probably never happened in Munich. The bus driver stopped the bus in the middle of the road, stared at me and opened the door. Incredulous, I looked around to understand why he stopped. He looks at me and waves at me to let me go in. Super happy I get on the bus…only to realize two stops later that I had forgotten my laptop home, meaning I had to run back home and arrive even later at work!

1. I started my first month of work by invalidating 5 email campaigns, sending to more than 15.000 people wrong discount vouchers, making untraceable not only the 5 campaigns but also the previous ones where the vouchers were taken from. And to top it off, I sent an email with a report of the affected campaigns to my boss, except that I forgot to attach the report!

So…that was a short summary of two crazy months! Anyone wants to switch lives for a couple of months?! 😛

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